66. Trusting in Generosity: John Ruhlin

This week we speak with gift giving expert, speaker, and author John Ruhlin. In this podcast, Anthony and John discuss the power and the value of radical generosity in professional and personal relationships. They discuss how using gratitude as a competitive advantage is not a tactic but a lifestyle, how we have forgotten the ancient practices of showing one another how much we value our relationships through tangible gifts, and how our call as Christians is to live a life of generosity both in our personal lives and in our professional lives. John shares his journey of learning about the importance of generosity in relationships using stories and experiences from his own life, he talks about his heart behind why he lives a life of radical generosity, and he explains that true gift giving is about giving with no strings attached.

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65. Creating out of Permission and Pain: Chuck Kinnane

This week we speak with Chuck Kinnane, film director and co-founder of Grassroots Films and Kinnane Films. In this podcast, Anthony and Chuck discuss creating art that deeply resonates with the soul. Chuck shares about his experiences of permission and tragedy, the deep impact 9/11 had on him as a young creative, and what he’s learned about suffering and humanity through working with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. Anthony and Chuck discuss how we as creatives are called to enter into people’s experiences of doubt and suffering and find redemption and meaning in that suffering.

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Chuck Kinnane, film director and co-founder of Grassroots Films and Kinnane Films

66. The Gift of Belonging: Roberta Ahmanson

This week, we speak with Roberta Ahmanson, lover of beauty and a leading philanthropist in Christian art. In this podcast, Marcellino and Roberta discuss the role beauty and art have played in her life’s journey. They talk about suffering, belonging, and embracing your uniqueness as an artist. Roberta shares many stories from her own life experiences. Her wisdom and motherly nature are captivating, and her storytelling will leave you wanting more. From the outside, she may look different than a lot of people - however, on the inside she is just like all of us. At heart, we are all seeking belonging and experiences of a beautiful God.


Roberta Ahmanson is a lover of beauty, an art collector, a thinker, and a philanthropist.

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65. Conviction, Identity, and Belonging: Kate Bryan

This week, we speak with Kate Bryan, pro-life feminist, communications strategist, speaker, and writer. In this podcast, Marcellino and Kate talk about the call we have as creatives to challenge the culture and stand up for our core values and beliefs. They discuss the importance of being firm in one’s identity so as not to react to controversy out of wounds or fear, but to respond with love. Both Marcellino and Kate share stories of times they’ve had to stand up against the tide for their own beliefs - including the time Marcellino wrote a controversial blog post while in college and the time Kate called out the leadership of the Women’s March for not letting pro-life women participate. They also discuss the importance of community and solidarity in standing for your convictions, as well as the very real fear we all have of not belonging when we are called to stand up against what may be popular.

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64. Creative Collaboration: Jenna Guizar and Erica Tighe

This week we speak with Jenna Guizar and Erica Tighe, the Creative Director and Creative Manager of Blessed is She - a Catholic women’s ministry that uses art and scripture in its mission to create a Christ focused community of mothers, sisters, and daughters. In this podcast, Anthony, Jenna, and Erica discuss the beauty of collaboration, teamwork, and sisterhood. Jenna and Erica tell the story of the birth of Blessed is She and how they started working together. They share stories of times they’ve encouraged one another and speak about how respect, friendship, and a healthy balance of autonomy and collaboration have contributed to making their teamwork successful and effortless.



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Jenna Guizar believes every woman should be who she was meant to be.

Founder + Creative Director of Blessed is She Women's ministry + community


Erica believes beauty will save the world.

Founder of Be A Heart
+ Creative Manager of Blessed Is She

63. Protecting the Freedom of Creativity: Kate Anderson

This week we share our conversation with Kate Anderson, attorney and legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. Kate’s job is one that many might not think of when considering creative fields, but in the current political and social climate the work she does is vital in order for creatives to have total freedom of expression.

Marcellino and Kate talk about how important those first freedoms are to creatives in particular. They discuss how the culture is forgetting their importance and allowing them to be taken from us, just to be replaced with being told how to think. They discuss how throughout history, fear and polarization has pushed society to want to force everyone to think and act a certain way, denying the freedom of the will.

Kate also speaks about how her team helps artists and business owners who are filing pre-enforcement lawsuits in order to protect themselves and challenge certain laws that could ultimately be used against them.

If you have questions about how the law applies to your industry, ADF can field those questions at no cost. Check them out at www.ADFlegal.org.

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62. The Blueprint of a Creative’s Journey: Rebecca Loomis

This week, we speak with Rebecca Loomis, a former missionary for St. Paul’s Outreach and current writer, designer, and all around Renaissance woman. In this podcast, Rebecca shares about the beautiful journey God has led her on in her calling as a creative and a missionary. Anthony and Rebecca discuss the challenges that Rebecca internally faced as she transitioned from having the formal label of “missionary” to living out a more subtle missionary life as a creative, bringing life and hope to people through her photography, art, and stories. Rebecca explains the importance of the hero’s journey in her life. She shares about a time when she went through her own darkest hour, met God at her lowest point, and then with Him climbed back up to a place of interior freedom and peace where she now creates more fully with her Creator.

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61. Beauty in Our World and Creativity in Our Workplace: Patrick Langrell and Joe Marshall

This week, we decided that instead of an interview we wanted to post two of the breakout sessions from last year’s summit. In this podcast, we hear from Patrick Langrell about the Catholic Creative’s response to the state of the modern world and from Joe Marshall about how artists are called to rise to challenges in the workplace with creativity. Patrick speaks about the world’s political, cultural, and religious states and how we are called to bring radical truth and beauty to the present moment to redeem our culture. Then Joe explains how in business, we are constantly faced with challenges, obstacles and problems we need to solve. He examines what creativity looks like in the business unit, and he gives examples of how constraints accidentally produced some of the most beautiful works of art and business.

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60. Setting Saints Free: Kristyn Brown

Kristyn Brown

This week, we speak with Kristyn Brown, photographer and founder of The Saints Project - a collection of images of the saints brought to life through Kristyn’s photographs of real life people. In this podcast, Marcellino and Kristyn discuss how we are called to be like the saints and embrace our own strangeness and uniqueness. They discuss Kristyn’s journey in creating The Saints Project and how she had to overcome her own fears and anxiety in getting the project off the ground. They talk about the realism of her images and how, by using real life people in her photography, her goal is to remind us that the saints were indeed real people who were just like us in so many ways. Marcellino and Kristyn also dive into their individual relationships with the Father and how their wounds impact their image of God.

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59. Finding Treasure in the Death of Dreams: Max Haben

This week, we speak with film director Max Haben. A true creative at heart, Max started out his career as a hip hop rapper and over time discovered a love for film. In this podcast, we hear the story of how God closed certain doors in Max’s life and opened other ones leading him to greater happiness and his anointed calling. Max and Anthony talk about failure and letting dreams die, and then about how God uses the compost of our failed dreams to create something beautiful and new. They discuss freelancing, hustling, taking risks, following dreams, and learning that God places desires on our heart for a reason.

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58. Beauty, Community, and Evangelization: Sean O’Hare

This week, we speak with entrepreneur Sean O’Hare. Sean is the founder, chief operating officer, and president of several businesses, and he is also a speaker who talks on pro-life issues, Christian apologetics, and business. In this podcast, Marcellino and Sean talk about the importance of community, art, and storytelling in evangelizing to young adults. They discuss the fertile grounds for evangelization that Sean has experienced living as a young adult in New York City, how Catholics sometimes hold back when it comes to sharing the beauty of the Church, and how Sean has learned to embrace art and culture in his mission of evangelization, and not just rely on his intellectual and apologetics background.

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57. Reawakening the Desire to Dance: Christopher West

This week, we speak with Christopher West, husband, father of five, author, speaker, and the world’s leading teacher on Saint Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body.” In this podcast, Anthony and Christopher discuss how beauty cracks opens our hearts and there places a longing for the infinite. They speak about eros, Logos, and rock ‘n roll. Christopher talks about the authenticity and innocence of childlike wonder and the suffering of those with a creative or artistic sensibility. He explains that everything we’re attracted to we’re attracted to because at the root of it is Jesus and that everything that has been twisted by sin can be untwisted and redeemed to reveal God’s glory.  He also shares many vulnerable moments and experiences from his own life to show us that God knows how to speak to each one of us with the language of our hearts.

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56. Creating with Empathy: Pierre de Fleuriot

This week, we speak with Pierre de Fleuriot, founding partner and Creative Director at Glass Canvas.  In this podcast, Pierre and Anthony have a conversation about empathic design and designing out of one’s identity in the Father.  Pierre explains that because Glass Canvas’s culture and strategy and design processes are deeply rooted in each person’s identity in the Father, they are able to do great work, speak the unspoken, and have real and honest relationships within their team. Pierre also talks about how designing and creating is really about loving people. He discusses the importance of understanding who you’re designing for, and then explains how to  turn that empathetic map into design.

If you’d like to hear more about creating in one’s identity as a son or daughter, check out this conversation we had with Pierre’s long-time friend and partner at Glass Canvas, Jason Jensen.

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55. Giving Shape to Desire: Fr. Gabriel Torretta

This week, we speak with Fr. Gabriel Torretta, a Dominican priest and lover of beauty, the art of Fra Angelico, and Japanese literature.  In this podcast, Fr. Gabriel shares how beauty and desire have played a role in his personal conversion. Marcellino and Fr. Gabriel discuss friendship, the crippling effects of living a moralistic version of Christianity, how the faith rightly lived is an integration of the whole person, how beauty gives shape to desire, and the power of discovering the person Jesus Christ.

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54. Riding Waves and Finding Passion: Matt Meeks

This week, we speak with Matt Meeks, the Chief Digital and Marketing Officer for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  In this podcast, Matt shares his personal journey of discovering his vocation and his passion for digital marketing and creating unity in the Church. He tells us how he went from being a crazy college kid who held a professor’s planter canaries ransom to being a leader in the New Renaissance of Catholic digital evangelization and working with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. He talks about the importance of being a unified church in pursuing our mission to evangelize and also gives advice to those at the beginning of their careers on how to seize opportunities and make decisions.

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53. Capitalism, Unity, and Faith: Keith Hamilton

This week, we speak with Keith Hamilton, Catholic entrepreneur and creator of The Great Commission Summit.  In this podcast, Anthony and Keith discuss the need for unity and collaboration in the Catholic world. They talk about capitalism, the story behind the birth of the GC Summit, and how healthy businesses can change the world.

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52. 21st Century Storytelling: Sarah Yaklic


This week, we have a conversation with Sarah Yaklic, digital media specialist and the director of the Grotto Network. In this podcast, Marcellino and Sarah discuss changing the paradigm of how we as Catholic Creatives use and think about social media. They talk about what transformation in social media platforms would look like, how the Father calls us to work alongside him in this mission, and how we can encourage one another to create in freedom with the Father and fight the urge to perform.

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51. The Dating Problem: Megan Harrington

This week, we have a real and vulnerable conversation with Megan Harrington, producer of the documentary The Dating Project. Anthony and Megan discuss her experience making the film and dive into what she learned about the dating problem from working on the project.  During the interview, they share stories from their own dating experiences, talk about the relationship between sex and the dating problem, and address issues such as first dates, breakups, rejection, pornography,  and shame.

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50. Creativity and Wealth: Frank Hanna

This week, we’re talking with Frank Hanna, an investor of 35 years and author of the books A Graduate’s Guide to Life and What Your Money Means. In this podcast, Marcellino and Frank have an enlightening discussion about God’s gifts of money and wealth. They talk about Frank’s experiences growing up in a business-oriented family, the Church’s scarcity mindset when it comes to talking about money, and how we need to change that mindset to be one of gratitude and trust.

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49. Share Beauty Through Content: Angela Wasko

This week, Anthony is joined by Angela Wasko, who worked for TOMS Shoes and is now the social media manager for FOCUS Catholic.

Growing up on a farm in rural Iowa, Angela found her creative roots in a unique and entrepreneurial way. Despite being a very different lifestyle from her childhood, she was encouraged to take risks that led her to exciting opportunities.

She talks about her experiences of putting in the hard yards to create opportunities, how being out of her element and comfort zone helped her find her faith, her personal WHY, and making the transition from a secular corporation to working for the Catholic Church and what the trials of balancing work and faith life are for both of those work environments.

Join the discussion on what would it look like if we worked together as ministries to most efficiently utilize social media. How many more could we reach?

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