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We believe that the greatest force of evangelization and social change in our world is beauty. We are a community of co-creators with God and each other, dedicated to seeing a New Renaissance of Beauty come to fruition in our generation. 



our game plan

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We are first and foremost a community for the creative minded, the entrepreneurial, and the artistic. We believe community is foundation for every Christian life.
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We believe in asking questions that challenge the status quo, slay sacred cows, and leave no rock un-turned in search of answers to the problems of our modern world.  Check out the Podcast →


When awesome people gather and thinking is encouraged, ideas come. We are a network that supports and sponsors collaborations that change the world.
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What We're Doing

Catholic Creatives is committed to sponsoring initiatives that champion the true, good, and beautiful.  We connect investors, patrons, and employers with the best talent to create partnerships that change the world.

Every year we invite the brightest minds in our community to gather for a weekend of deep friendship, spiritual awakening, professional networking, and creative development. It's quite the party. Don't miss it next year!

8BEATS is the largest collaboration of Catholic film makers, artists, musicians, and marketeers in history. They are all uniting under one goal: to produce an anthology of 8 short films on the beatitudes that will be submitted to every major film festival in the nation.

The David Initiative is our partnership with Gretch Guitars to find innovative music ministers in the United States and give them the resources they need to build the best music ministry discipleship programs parishes have ever seen.



Creation of the Week

Every week, we ask members of our community to share the awesome stuff they've done. It's the primary way we celebrate each other's achievements and share in joyous community. "Creation of the Week" highlights one person or project from the group that stands out among the rest as an example of the professionalism and creativity we strive for.



The event that sparked the movement...

Dallas: The Rundown

Before Catholic Creatives became a thriving community, we hosted a meetup in Dallas with some close friends. 

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