29. Steve Lawson: How Healthy Conflict Creates Healthy Organizations

Actual Steve Lawson picture pending


Marcellino interviews Steven Lawson, the Director of Communications for Dynamic Catholic, a fast growing nonprofit that develops innovative learning-systems to inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism. While working towards his childhood dream to become an animation director in New York City, Steve had a profound conversion experience that lead him into his current work.

This conversation is at once startlingly frank and incredibly hope filled, as they speak about creating a better wold, about management, and about how healthy conflict creates healthy culture in organizations.  What would happen if the Church was hopeful and creative and inspired?

Steve's advice:

  • Awareness of self will make you a more effective leader and manager.
  • Take ownership over your problems. It is very freeing to achieve self-mastery over one's subconscious reactions and communication. 
  • Everything we do has to align with hope.
  • Creativity is a hopeful experience.
  • "Catholicism is inherently creative and life-giving"



28. Jack and Jamie McAleer - From Selling Donuts to Making Movies

One of our guests may be familiar to you-- Dan Johnson from 4pm Media, winner of the Collaboration of the Year Award 2017.  But the other two interviewees are perhaps less known in this group- yet they have had a powerful influence in the Catholic world, albeit from behind the scenes. Jack and Jamie McAleer, major players in the growth of the Krispy Kreme dynasty, are the Financeers behind 4pm media.  They are board members of Legatus and Franciscan, and they started 4pm Media with their son in law in order to set a new standard for art and media in the church.  

After working as a store and dough factory manager, the younger Mr. McAleer, now 40, moved into marketing.

Rising to exec VP-brand development, he worked to restore Krispy Kreme’s original logo and ‘50s-style store design, deployed miniaturized equipment that lets patrons see doughnuts made, and added neon “hot” lights to tell passersby when fresh doughnuts were cooking.
— https://www.qsrmagazine.com/news/krispy-kreme-exec-mcaleer-leave-post

The McAleers are modern models of the Medicis- the family that sponsored much of the art of the Medieval Renaissance.  We talk in this podcast about how they had their spiritual awakening in faith, how they left Krispy Kreme, and helped to found a Catholic production company with their son in Law.

resources: Family Fortunes

Thanks to our Patreon members who have helped to make this podcast possible. Check out our patreon page to find exclusive content from the 2017 Summit, and to support the movement. www.patreon.com/catholiccreatives

27. Kate Hazen: How to Become Cool with Being Wierd

Meet Kate Hazen, a graphic designer, brand architect, creative genius extraordinaire.

She is one of the most excellent creative directors that I have ever met, and she has so much to offer our group in terms of pushing us to think bigger and with less constriction. In this convo we talk about the time she designed a LARPing game for her company’s conference. We also talk about how she became cool with being weird, about tattoos, and about the CC Summit.

We also just wanted to thank all of you new patrons- through Patreon and through support on the website. It’s been such a blessing to see the ways we as a community have begun to give time, advice, and resources to this movement in order to grow and to become sustainable. So thank you, and know that we are working to build up huge new value into the community.

26. Patrick Langrell: Why Digital Marketing For Ministry?

(And why we should all get off of our phones)

In this interview, Marcellino talks to Patrick Langrell (Adjunct lecturer in Philosophy & Senior Digital Media Analyst for the Arch Diocese of LA). They talk about the importance of Analytic thinking and of digital marketing for reaching more people with better messages.

They get into the ways that Patrick has used this to grow a pro life clinic and target abortion minded women. They also talk about their personal difficulties with technology and their desire to bypass it in search of authentic personal communication.

Patrick is a Renaissance man with an international reputation for successful engagement in communications, events, and digital & social media. He also is a sought after public speaker, a researcher and consultant in policy and ethics. He contributes to high-level diocesan and public policy…. and to the development of the Catholic intellectual tradition and evangelisation initiatives. His work with Matt Meeks and the others from the Archdiocese of LA is really exciting, and we are looking forward to hearing about that at the Summit, where he will be giving a workshop specifically about the unique circumstances in which Catholic Creatives find themselves at this particular moment in the church.  

But he is not the only one who we will be present from the Archdiocese of LA. The Diocese of LA has become one of our major sponsors- coming on as a Patron of the Arts. They will be sponsoring the first session of the summit, "The New Renaissance." 
As you probably already know, LA has a reputation for being one of the epicenters of innovation for communications in the church. They have (by normal diocesan standards) a huge team with what I believe is around over 15 employees totally dedicated to helping churches and Diocesan branches market themselves better. We are excited to partner with them to make the new Renaissance happen.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plangrell

Linked In: 


25. Julio Quintana - The Vessel, Terrence Malick, and Raising a Million Dollars

This podcast features an interview with Director Julio Quintana. Julio just released his first feature film- which is always a big deal. But he also raised 1 million to do it, got Martin Sheen to act and had the master Terrence Malick as executive producer. Their influence in the film is visible, giving it a spiritual, cinematic gravitas that is really undeniable.

(Here is the trailer)

So in this not only do we we talk about the film, we get into all sorts of other good stuff like beauty and perseverance and the hard work of making it as an artist.
The struggle with making money making good art.

Btw, the the vessel came out in digital release yesterday, so if you haven't got a chance to watch it yet highly recommend doing so. the links are in the show notes.

Blue Ray



A quick announcement before we get into that, as many of you know the Catholic Creatives Summit is developing and moving very quickly in terms of being materialized and we're excited to announce a new sponsor that just jumped on board. Word on Fire just decided to become a sponsor. We are so grateful to them for their support for good media in art they've always been a leader in that in the church so I'm we're just excited to have them as a partner.

24. Elise Crawford: Empathy & Defining Your Audience

Today we are taking a break from the break from the podcast hiatus to bring you an interview with Elise Crawford. As we announced in the group, we've been taking a break from our podcasts in order to plan for the Catholic Creatives Summit in March. But since Elise is going to be speaking at the Summit, we thought it might be a good way for those of you who are coming to get to know her before you see her there. 

So Elise is awesome. She started Ringlet Studio, a creative agency that specifically focuses on working with female entrepreneurs. Why is that cool? Because it's super niche. She picked a very defined audience. Which is painful because it is exclusive; and I don't care who you are, a business owner or some one who works in ministry- we all struggle so so hard with picking a niche and sticking to it. 

It is so easy to fall prey to generalism and over inclusivity, and these issues are rampant in our ministries and businesses. So in this podcast Marcellino asks Elise a lot about how to be more targeted and clear with our audiences. They also talk about her acting role playing Helen Keller, and how it taught her empathy. This empathy has characterized her life and ministry since. 




23: Brandon Vogt: Data Driven Ministry & Catholic Aesthetic

Merry Advent, fellow makers. This podcast is Marcellino’s conversation with Brandon Vogt, Fr Baron’s right hand media man at Word On Fire. Their talk ranges from Brandon’s conversion to the Catholic Aesthetic and its influence on Brandon’s understanding of creativity and story. Interesting stuff for sure. 

Brandon's work has been featured by some little networks like NPR, FoxNews, CBS, Vatican Radio, Our Sunday Visitor, National Review, and Christianity Today. He is a convert to Catholicism, and also a convert from the engineer life to the life of a media guru and author. He has written SIX books. You can learn more about his work here: http://brandonvogt.com/ 

Here is the latest from the Catholic Creatives team:

First. The summit plans have been moving along really well. www.ccsummit.xyz

We do still have twenty or so tickets left so if you have an invite- be sure to grab those in the next couple of weeks. Some feedback that we got on that was that it seems heavy on design and film- so we are going to be adding some workshops for copy writing, marketing strategy, fundraising, understanding data, and archetypal story telling. If you have any other feedback for us, just shoot us an email at Hello@catholiccreatives.org. 

22. Leah Murphy: Pirates of the Caribbean & Gender In the Creative Industry

Leah Murphy currently serves as a video editor at Life Teen International. She has six years of experience in leadership positions including campus ministry, TV station management. She has also successfully avoided ever seeing a Star Wars movie, which is as we all know… a huge shame.

In this interview with Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Leah talks about her creative genesis as an artist, and her transition from youth group teen to professional artist. Also, as a woman who has studied Theology of the Body and who has worked for years in the creative industry that is largely populated by men, Leah has a perspective on gender that is particularly thought provoking. They get into her background and the origins of her creativity, but when they begin to talk about power and gender later in the podcast the conversation goes to a very different level.

See her work here: http://lifeteen.com/cym/resources/videos/

Before we get into that- announcements.
We’ve got a lot going on as an organization right now. On Saturday the 10th of December, we are doing a small meetup in downtown Dallas- exactly one year from the meetup that we did last year, in which we fixed ugly bulletins. You can learn more about that meetup here: http://www.catholiccreatives.org/dallasmeetup/

This year, we are tackling the problem of problems. The real enchilada, as it were. The Vatican Website. Why.
If you are in driving range of Dallas Tx, print out a page of the website that you particularly loathe, and bring that to the meetup.

Finally, invites for the Summit in March are away, and tickets are moving quickly. We only have about 25 or so left, and we will sell out. So if you have been invited, get your spot. If you haven’t been invited and you feel like you should be, hit us up. We also have some volunteer opportunities if you are interested in coming but you don’t have the means. Let us know.


21. Dr. Gregory Bottaro - Catholic Mindfulness, Meditation, and Inner Healing

Dr. Greggory Bottaro is the founder of the CatholicPsych Institute, and is an expert on self improvement He is also a successful entrepreneur, marketer, and gifted communicator.  In this episode, Anthony interviews him over his work to integrate the popular meditative “mindfulness” trend that has taken off in Silicon Valley and in the creative industry with Catholic spirituality. His course, Catholic Mindfulness, employs the cutting edge research in the field of mindfulness and the spirituality of Abandonment to the Divine Providence to help attendees gain control of their mood, find inner healing, develop concentration, and enhance their creative faculties. 


Catholic Mindfulness

Abandonment to Divine Providence



The Catholic Creative Summit is officially on for March 23rd - 26th 2017. An exclusive summit in Dallas for 75 of the leading Catholic entrepreneurs, creatives, and media directors in the US. We will be sending out invites this week. If you want to learn more, go to www.ccsummit.xyz.

Thanks to Matt Pinto and his team Ascension Press for jumping on as our first premier sponsor. They have been stalwart supporters of Catholic Art and media, so we are grateful for all that they have been doing to support artists.

20. Michael "Gomer:" From Apologetics to Brokenness & Better Communication

In this show Anthony interviews a New Evangelization Expert.

His name is…

Michael Gormley, AKA Gomer, is one of the founders of the Catching Foxes podcast, and is all about human connection in ministry. His theology and approach to communicating about the gospel is touching, vulnerable, and convicting. 
The first sentence of his bio on his website reads: “Everyone is talking about the New Evangelization, but talk is not enough.”

In this podcast we talk about his transition from Apologetics to this new and compelling approach to evangelization, and we talk about how we as members of the church can improve in our ability to communicate about the gospel. 

Before listening to the podcast though (or perhaps while you are doing so) you can actually help the new evangelization along by voting at the Fishers Net Awards. If you don’t know what that is- it is an effort lead by Brian Holdsworth (Catholic Creative member) who put together an online awards competition and ceremony for good catholic media. The best media in the Catholic community has been nominated, and right now the polls are open for voting. You can vote for best Catholic websites, branding, use of social media, whatever. Go and send some cudos to the people who are doing this good work, and in doing so help to bring credence to their efforts to make the church more beautiful. www.bestcatholicwebsites.com




As King Fishers Catch Fire:



That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire and of the comfort of the Resurrection:





Lay Evangelist:

19. Erica Tighe - Handlettering, Alcohol, & Love

This conversation super awesome with the talented Erica Tighe. A lot of the people in the group are well known for their art in Catholic circles, but Erica really embodies that spirit of CC that seeks to be excellent in the secular world as well and operate in both spheres. 

She’s been featured in Goop, the Los Angeles party planning guide, the Fashion Magazine Elle, and Verily, the Christian women’s magazine. Erica is an awesome woman that you guys should all get to know because she’s also demonstrated how to make money doing what she loves. So this conversation we get into Erica’s story. How she went from being a missionary in Brazil to making a career in hand lettering, her recovery from alcoholism, how her time with Debtors Anonymous changed the way she dealt with money, and advice to other creators on pursing their craft in faith. This is one of those podcasts that’ll get you in the feels, so I hope you’re as moved and excited by this one as I’ve been.


The David Initiative, our collaboration with 4pm Media, Papercastle Records, Dave Moore, Robert Feduccia, and Gretsch instruments has launched. We will be giving away a ton of Gretsch equipment a single recorded by Paper Castle, a video from 4pm and now announcing our newest partnership with AbbyFest in Philly, the band that wins will lead worship for the mass at AbbyFest, travel and accommodations paid for in full. If you want to learn more about that go to www.davidinitiative.com, or if you want to get involved in the project, give us a shout through the website.


Debtors Anonymous:

Jenna's Podcast

Erica’s Site:


Be A Heart Etsy Shop:

18. Gregory Wolfe - Forget Politics: Support Art, Impact the World



In this episode, Anthony D’Ambrosio interviews Gregory Wolfe founder and editor of the the Image Journal. It is a true honor to have him on the podcast. He has been called “one of the most incisive and persuasive voices of our generation” (Ron Hansen). Through the journal and through his work in the academic world, he has sparked a resurgence of interest in the relationship between art and religion, which has had widespread impact both on religious communities and the public square. He was the founding director of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at SPU, and author of many formational books, such as Beauty Will Save the World: Recovering the Human in an Ideological Age.

In this podcast, we talk about Gregory’s story- about his transformation from a young voice of conservatism in the “culture wars” into a champion of cultural change through art. This lead to his mission to found the Image Journal, which he began with the intention of discovering this generation's T.S. Elliots and Flannery O'Connor's. In other words, he wanted to support artists who were redeeming the culture.

Image Journal.

Check out Read their mission and try not to get excited: 

We believe that the great art that has emerged from these faith traditions is dramatic, not didactic—incarnational, not abstract. And so our focus has been on works of imagination that embody a spiritual struggle, like Jacob wrestling with the angel. In our pages the larger questions of existence intersect with what the poet Albert Goldbarth calls the “greasy doorknobs and salty tearducts” of our everyday lives.”



Catholic Creatives Summit is ON THE MOVE!

New Date for the Summit: March 23th - 26th 2017.
The site is up at www.ccsummit.xyz. Passwords will be sent privately with invitations. 

We want to extend a huge thanks to Matt Pinto & Ascension Press who have come on as our first major sponsor for the upcoming Catholic Creatives Summit. We are grateful to them for their commitment to supporting artists and good media.

David Initiative: www.davidinitiative.com

Catholic Creatives has teamed up with Gretche Instruments and Crossroads Initiative, 4PM Media, and Shawn William’s Paper Castle Records to create a talent search for Catholic parish worship teams. We are throwing a contest called The David Initiative, where we are looking for the best Catholic worship teams in the US. The winner will be given all new musical equipment, a single recorded for free with Paper Castle studios, a music video about them, and mentorship from some of the foremost musicians in the Catholic Music world.


17. Fr. Casey Jones - Is Youth Ministry Trivializing the Church?

Fr Casey Jones is a super bad (i.e. awesome) priest, who is a friend of outcasts and a strategist in the Youth Ministry game. He has a degree in the school of Hard Knocks, as demonstrated by his copious amounts of tattoos (usually hidden from view under his clerics) . He is currently working on his Licentiate in the New Evangelization, and is knee deep in youth ministry. He is a chaplain at a school in Florida, he preaches Camp Hidden lake (Lifeteen’s middle school camp),  and he has a lot to say on the topic of evangelization that I think is incredibly relevant to us as innovators/creators.

Notes from Marcellino:

Father Casey and I go way back. He was actually my RD at Ave Maria. Fr Casey celebrated my sister's wedding this summer and he killed it.  

Part of the reason I’m bringing Fr. Casey on is because we both were also friends of Fr. McTeigue whilst at Ave Maria. Fr McTeigue wrote an article on Aleithea called “Beware the Juvenilization of American Christianity (HERE). We wrote a response to that article (HERE) but I felt like the issues he brought up started a conversation that deserved deeper thought.


The Story:
Before we get into that though, some of you know that Fr McTeigue preached against one of my marketing efforts whilst at ave,
I promised I would tell the story

The Story:

I ran unopposed as SAB president my sophomore year, believed that good events could dramatically affect the trajectory of the school’s culture, and started going for it. My team put on concerts, dances, lip syncing competitions, it was a blast. One weekend we invited the Afters & Between the Trees to Ave Maria, but unbeknownst to us the history department had assigned term papers that were due the following day. In an effort to rally the student body, I got up on a table in the middle of the cafeteria and announced that this was totally worth pulling an all nighter for.


The next morning I received reports that at the 7am mass, Fr Mactigue had delivered a sweltering homily on how we are not at school to have fun but to study and not to be led astray by other students who are attempting to co opt our educations and lead us down the path to culture of mediocrity. As you can imagine, he used the word vocation many times. That was the 4th homily I had preached on something I did. 

There you go. 


16. Brian Sullivan - UXing the Church


Anthony interviews Brian Sullivan, a renowned UX designer and expert on the creative process. He is invited to give presentations almost annually at South By South West, and is also the founder of the Big Design Conference- one of the largest UX conferences in the nation. Brian is a recent convert to Catholicism, and was instrumental in helping us found Catholic Creatives. Here we talk about how UX and creative brainstorming principles can be applied to help creatives be better thinkers, solve teamwork problems, and assist the church in evangelization.  

Edward DeBono - Lateral Thinking

Alex Osborne - Applied Imagination

Fisher's Net Announcement: Some members of the group (Brian Holdsworth, among others) put together the Fisher’s Net Awards, a design award for Catholic organizations with cutting edge design. So if you have worked on or come across a catholic organization with a baller website or well done logo, head over and make a nomination. 



15. Tony Vasinda of Project YM on Bridging Gaps, Tattoos & Entrepreneurial Ministry

Marcellino interviews Tony Vasinda, co founder of Project YM, Parish Designer, Catholic Balm Co, and the Rebuild Youth Ministry Online Conference. Tony was literally the 6th person on the facebook group (despite not have any specific artistic skill set... other than making delicious smelling beard oil). He is a beast when it comes to thinking critically and is always starting new things. Tony is an expert on big picture entrepreneurial thinking, especially when applied to ministry or Catholic community. In this we get into how he developed his critical thinking skill set, the power of authenticity, and his biggest ministry mess ups. 



13. Sid O'Niel - Should Artists Do Free Work for the Church?

This episode is a special, topic based podcast for members of the Catholic Creatives group who have been involved in the recent conversations in the community about whether or not artists should do free work for the church. Because these conversations have happened with a level of intensity online (members can find the thread here), Anthony invited Sid O'Neill, a designer and developer who works mainly with Catholic clients, to come and talk about it. Sid is the owner of Highland Creative Co, and you can also find him lurking in the slack channel. If you want to ask him any questions, hit him up there. He may not do work for you for free, but he will bend over backwards to give you free development advice and to give you free jokes. 

Book Recommendation

Pretty Much Everything: https://www.amazon.com/Draplin-Design-Co-Pretty-Everything/dp/1419720171

Review about the book: http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2016/06/27/pretty/


11. Fr. Don Fischer - Why Beauty?

Fr. Don Fischer spent over a decade consulting on all new church building projects in Dallas, and his singular mission during that time was to convince the leadership of these projects to invest in good design and art. We spoke about why beauty is so important to us as human beings, and why the church should make the investment to hire true artists to cultivate that beauty. He studied art and architecture before he entered seminary, and his work with the Landrys on the Chapel of the Incarnation won the AIA 25 year award, a prestigious architecture award in Dallas. To read about that project, go here: https://www.aiadallas.org/v/blog-detail/In-Search-of-the-Numinous/lj/

To see more about what Fr. Don is doing now, or to listen to his podcast, you can find him here: http://www.pastoralreflectionsinstitute.com/


To see the general announcement in the facebook group, go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/837081353057464/permalink/975744362524495/


10. John Paul Summers - Being a Bad Catholic and Making Good Art

John Paul Summers of Infinite Focus joined Anthony D'Ambrosio on the podcast today to talk about making amazing art, and about the difficulties of being a bad Catholic. We spoke about John Paul's movement from missionary and youth ministry out of the bounds of the church, and into a quickly accelerating creative career. John Paul is a cinematographer and DP, he is on track to be doing national commercials- he also has a dream to make an actually kick ass Catholic film at some point- in the school of The Mission or Calvary
Warning: contains some cursing, and even some content that many Catholics would not agree with. We do not believe that we should silence or censor these words or ideas, but encourage you to listen and understand.

You can see more of John Paul's work here: https://vimeo.com/138922456